Changing tides: The benefits of carbon offsetting your next yacht charter

At Boatbookings, we have long been at the forefront of driving initiatives to help improve our yacht charter industry and work to minimize its environmental impacts. One of these is the concept of carbon offsetting, a proactive and responsible response that encompasses multiple benefits to steering the industry toward a better future. 

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting should first require the reduction of a carbon footprint as much as possible; the purpose is to offset the remaining unavoidable carbon emissions through certified carbon credits. Each credit represents a certificate for reducing one tonne of carbon from the atmosphere. 

Carbon offsetting is a complex topic and can hinder progress if not properly conducted and implemented through regulation. It is not the perfect environmental solution; however, it is powerful and can help reduce yachting’s environmental impact. 

We ensure it is done correctly through the work we do with Climate Care, which funds UN-approved projects that reduce carbon emissions worldwide, such as wind farms, reforesting, and reducing outdoor waste burning. 

Assessing a carbon footprint 

Within this offsetting process, the yacht’s footprint must be accurately assessed. Our carbon offset calculator can help with this. We use the information about the boat and itinerary to predict and measure carbon emissions to then calculate the carbon credits needed to purchase to offset. As an example, a recent charter from Cannes to St. Tropez on a Sunseeker Predator burned 93 liters of fuel. The cost to offset it? 9 Euros. Only 9 Euros to offset all of that carbon and have plants take it back out of the sky. Seems like a good investment, and the charters were thrilled to know that their emissions would be dealt with.

The benefits 

  • Reducing carbon footprints: The offsetting allows us to compensate for emissions by supporting projects that reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 
  • Supports sustainable projects: It enables the development of emission reduction projects in developing countries that otherwise do not have the financial means. Fewer carbon reduction projects would exist without the subsidy from this process. 
  • Encourages innovation: Aids the development and adoption of new and innovative technologies that reduce emissions. This knock-on impact accelerates the transition to a lower carbon economy. 
  • Creates opportunities: Many of the offsetting projects create greener opportunities and can help support local economies. 

Carbon offsetting represents a tangible commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability within our yacht charter industry. By participating in carbon offsetting programs, we can contribute to preserving our planet and oceans while driving the industry toward more sustainable practices. 

Contact the team at Boatbookings today to find out more about our work with carbon offsetting and to charter a more environmentally friendly yacht. 

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