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List and Promote Your Charter Yacht

If you have a high quality Charter Yacht and would like to attract additional customers from all over the world, we would like to work with you to promote your yacht.

Boatbookings is always looking for more high-quality charter yachts: bareboat, crewed, sail, motor, catamaran, super yacht, day or weekly charters. What we mainly ask is that you provide an excellent service, are committed to customer satisfaction, and are interested in building a mutually beneficial partnership.

Our Criteria

In order to be listed on the Boatbookings site you need to have the following:

  • Full Charter Licensing for all of the waters where we promote your boat
  • Appropriate Skipper Certification (on Crewed Yachts)
  • Charter Yacht Insurance
  • A boat that is in excellent repair
  • A commitment to customer satisfaction
  • A willingness to work as a partner with Boatbookings

Please note, in order for us to list your boat, you must be either the owner, fleet operator, or Central Agent for the yacht.

Click here for our complete operator terms and conditions

How do we market your boat?

We promote your boat in a number of ways. First, we enter your boat into our database and develop a professional listing for it in all of the ports that you charter from. This promotes your boat to thousands of visitors a week who might be looking for your charter. Secondly, we optimise the listing so that Google and other Search Engines pick it up, making it availble to literally billions of people world wide.

We also promote it on special pages from time to time, and reference it in all applicable corporate and special events such as conferences and yachting events. And it may qualify for our Preferred Yacht program, where we signify your boat as being the "best of the best" and market this heavily. We may also list it on our Blog, if there is interesting news about it.

We also can promote it on our popular special offers page. If you have last minute availability, early bird booking rates, or need to give a special price for any reason, we will gladly list your boat amongst our specials. This is the most popular page on the site, viewed by thousands of potential customers monthly -- well worth being on!

Want additional marketing exposure? Introducing the Boatbookings Charter Accelerator Program

If you would like your yachts to get additional exposure on Boatbookings and search engines such as Google, you can sign up for the Charter Accelerator program. This gives you great exposure on the Boatbookings site, newsletters, specials and RSS feeds for a very small fee.

See details of the program here

How do you list with us?

Simply email us at charter[at] telling us about you and your boat(s). We'll process your application, and when approved, list you on the site. Our local representative may contact you directly to learn more about your boat, crew and policies, and we normally ask you to send scans of your certification, insurance and licenses. We look forward to working with you!

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