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There is no more romantic way to celebrate, than by embarking on a yacht charter for some romantic escapism in a flung paradise. At Boatbookings, we understand your honeymoon is one of the most special vacations you will have. Therefore, our honeymoon charter planners ensure this is reflected throughout the entire planning process, to delivering your bespoke charter experience.

Our experts get to know you both, to understand what is particularly special and to incorporate any partiulary special surprises into the honeymoon, afterall we are determined to make your onboard experience as memorable as the scenery outside. Choosing a luxury yacht charter for your honeymoon is perhaps the most romantic experience for a newlywed couple, where you can cruise to secluded bays, walk hand in hand on deserted beaches, dine in candlelit seaside restaurants and wake up in a serene destination every morning.

Popular destinations we have chartered, include the Amalfi Coast, Maldives, Phuket, TahitiCaribbean and the French Riviera. They all offer something different; charm, quaint towns, deserted beaches or the finest restaurants. Our Charter Advisors have sourced the world's most romantic yachts and hottest honeymoon destinations worldwide so that you can experience the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity for your honeymoon, anniversary or special celebration.

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Honeymoon Charter Destinations

PENELOPE Motor Yacht Couple Romantic Honeymoon Amalfi Coast

Where should we charter? With so many romantic destinations to choose from, it is important to find a charter itinerary and a yacht perfect for you and your other half. Our global contacts and expertise will smoothly guide you through this process, offering personal advice and ensuring that your honeymoon meets your exact needs.

Whether this means chartering a luxury catamaran in the Seychelles, a motor yacht in the Virgin Islands, or a bareboat in Croatia, we are here to make sure your honeymoon is the stuff that dreams are made of. We have unrivalled experience catering for those with an appetite for adventure, and those who prefer to while away the days in barefoot bliss whilst swinging at anchor.

Honeymoons in the Mediterranean

SUMMER BREEZE Motor Yacht Couple Romantic Honeymoon

Diverse in every way, Europe can be rugged or groomed, vivacious or relaxed, glitzy or simply rural. With a wealth of glorious destinations to choose from Europe can please you in whichever way you and your partner desire.

French Riviera | Italy | Corsica, Sardinia & Sicily | Croatia | Turkey | Greece | Spain

French Riviera

Lavish Sophistication. Forget Paris and head south for some relaxing, romantic summer cruising along the world famous Côte d’Azur. The French Riviera is home to some of the most romantic destinations in the world, from the glittering lights of Monaco to the dramatic skyline and setting of St Tropez and all that lies in between. As they say, the French are famous for their 'oh la la'.

About Chartering in the French Riviera


Per Amore - For Love. A short ride from Monaco and you are on the Italian Riviera, opening the door to the delights of the Amalfi coast which boasts dramatic scenery, stunning ports and an often unseen part of Italy just oozing with romance around every headland. Whether you simply want to charter a yacht for a day and explore or take a week or two cruising around, chartering on the Amalfi coast has everything that a honeymoon needs; relaxation, privacy, discovery and romance.

About Chartering in the Italian Riviera

Corsica, Sardinia & Sicily

Considered to be the jewels of the Mediterranean; Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily offer it all to honeymooning sailing enthusiasts with stunning scenery, magnificent sailing and excellent ports. Influenced by the two most romantic cultures in the world, Italy and France, these islands would easily come near the top of any Honeymoon Hot List!

About Corsica About Sardinia About Sicily


With over a 1400 islands of all sizes dotted along her 350 km coastline, Croatia is an oasis of romance waiting to be discovered and explored. Beautiful and architecturally stunning cities such as Dubrovnik and Split, epic coastline scenery and a long and passionate history form part of Europe's best-preserved destination and provides a perfect setting for your very own love story to blossom.

About Chartering in Croatia


Luxurious, exotic and mysterious. Turkey is an ideal country to discover on your honeymoon. Explore her rustic coastline in style and luxury aboard your own gloriously majestic traditional wooden gulet on the very special Blue Cruises unique to Turkey. Alternatively, you can charter a bareboat or crewed motor yacht to experience all the joys that this country can offer you. A meeting point of Western and Eastern cultures, Turkey can offer you two destinations in one!

About Gulets and Blue Cruises in Turkey


Godly temptation. Home of the Gods and birthplace of western civilization; lose yourself in any one of Greece’s magnificent sailing grounds. Amazing scenery of unprecedented beauty is spread over a wealth of islands all around Greece. Pinprick islands and sapphire seas surround the main land mass and are waiting to be explored mixing idyllic coastal towns with secluded uninhabited bays, the perfect combination for your honeymoon getaway.

About Chartering in Greece

Spain & Balearics

Sensual and evocative. Popular all year round as a holiday destination, the Spanish coast and Balearic Islands are also perfect for your honeymoon. Beautiful beaches, intriguing history, sumptuous tapas and a world-famous relaxed yet vivacious lifestyle are all combined under the warm Spanish sun.

About Chartering in Spain and the Balearic Islands Enquire Now!

Indian Ocean Honeymoons

Clear Kayaking Couple on their Honeymoon

Crystal clear waters, tropical islands, friendly people, and clear blue skies, choose from our idyllic charter destinations in the Indian Ocean for the dream honeymoon.

Seychelles | Maldives | Mauritius


For idyllic tranquillity. Sprinkled like diamonds in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles form an archipelago of approximately 115 beautifully pristine islands. Famed for their tranquillity and harmony the islands are perfect for any couple looking to start their romantic adventure together surrounded by timeless beauty and just sitting back and relaxing.

About Chartering in the Seychelles Islands


For barefoot island bliss. If you were asked to define paradise, you would probably imagine something similar to the Maldives - deserted white sandy beaches, gorgeous turquoise waters, fabulous marine life bursting with color, and a warm, gentle climate. Which makes these storied islands the perfect spot for a Honeymoon.

About Chartering in the Maldives


In the heart of the Indian Ocean lies a melting pot of cultures, sights, sounds and experiences. The influence of invaders, immigrants and pirates over the course of history has left a legacy of rum, sugar and relaxation on the island of Mauritius. The ever friendly Mauritian people take pride in inviting you to their paradise island and its palm-fringed beaches, world-class hotels, luxurious spas and exquisite golf courses. There is even a beautiful Cat Cruiser here that is big enough to have your wedding on first and take for your honeymoon afterwards!

About Chartering in Mauritius Enquire Now!

SouthEast Asia & South Pacific Honeymoons, including Thailand & Tahiti

Exotic, evocative and alluring. The Asia-Pacific region has plenty of beautiful charter locations to tempt and tantalise you and your loved one for your honeymoon.

Thailand | Phuket | Tahiti/Bora Bora


Oriental Beauty. 3000km of coastline fringes the country of Thailand offering you a honeymoon yacht charter with unlimited opportunities. Boasting gorgeous beaches and amazing rock formations, world-class diving and snorkelling, and the incomparable hospitality of the Thai people, the ‘Land of Smiles’ is a destination waiting to take you on an unrivalled oriental adventure to start your life journey together.

About Chartering in Thailand


The jewel of Asia. Phuket is one of Thailand’s most popular destinations with stunning tropical sunsets and warm blue seas lapping on pristine white beaches. There is something to suit everyone’s idea of a honeymoon here with some of the world’s best coastlines, diving, spas, beaches and nightlife. The choice is yours, lie back and relax under the tropical palm trees or go and explore the awe-inspiring local natural beauty by yacht.

About Chartering in Phuket

Tahiti/Bora Bora

Tahiti and Bora Bora are the ultimate honeymoon destinations. The islands themselves even represent an analogy of love and romance with the simmering heat of their volcanic origins surrounded in the glorious beauty of paradise. Often touted as the most beautiful places on Earth, a honeymoon here, in French Polynesia, will not disappoint.

About Chartering in Tahiti/Bora Bora Enquire Now!

The Americas & Caribbean Honeymoons


Claimed by explorers thinking they had proved the world was round by landing on the far eastern shores of Asia, the Americas have never lost their New World charm of discovery and adventure. Our honeymoon destinations here offer you the chance to carve out your new life together.

The Caribbean | Mexico


Friendly people, sparkling waters, fantastic local cuisine and some of the best sailing and cruising in the world combine to give you a second to none honeymoon and experience of a lifetime in any one of the incredible destinations offered! The British Virgin Islands (BVI), Windward Islands, Leeward Islands, Bahamas and Belize are all world class destinations, all offering some of the most famous and celebrated yacht charters in the world. The sun, sea, sand and sailing combined all make for an idyllic honeymoon and what better way to explore this paradise than aboard a private catamaran or yacht.

About Chartering in the Caribbean

BVI Catamarans

When planning a Caribbean honeymoon charter, we particularly recommend a crewed catamaran charter in the British Virgin Islands. Catamarans are comfortable, provide excellent space both inside and out, and you are close to the water and nature. Normally they are crewed by an experienced and attentive husband/wife crew, who will pamper you but also give you the space and privacy you need.

Our selection of BVI honeymoon catamarans


Spice up your life!

Put some spice in your post-nuptial bliss by chartering a yacht in Mexico. White sandy beaches, palm trees, and azure water combined make for the perfect, idyllic honeymoon. Once home to the mysterious Aztecs, Mexico is a mixture of cultures old and new yet all enthused with a passion for life. If you are looking for a completely unique honeymoon, chartering a yacht in Mexico could be the answer!

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Our Individually Selected Honeymoon Charter Yachts

Honeymoons are one of the most special holidays of our lifetime so we know it needs to be just right, with our intimate knowledge of our yachts and destinations we can find you the ideal charter yacht, be it bareboat, crewed, sail, motor or catamaran. Click here to see our handpicked honeymoon charter yachts or simply contact us and we'll recommend the best boat for you.

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